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As a full-service and financially sound leader in the mortgage industry, we are currently hiring for a number of positions across the company.
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Churchill at a Glance

What We Believe

We believe it is our mission to help clients make great financial decisions and guide them toward a mortgage that gives them more. So, whether they’re purchasing a new home or refinancing a current mortgage our goal is to provide more power, more clarity, and more peace to each person we serve.

Churchill Is Different

We treat customers like family, not a file. A good conversation is never a waste of time. By investing in our client relationships and our communities, our goal is to leave people better for the encounter and to guide them with the heart of a teacher.

Why We Do This

We’ve found when we empower our clients with smarter options, they see their future in a new light and are inspired to do more good for their family and community. They also see that we are genuinely on their side, which in turn generates trust and referrals for our Home Loan Specialists.

Our Culture

One of our core convictions is "People over Profits." We've built a culture where people come first. We've learned that when our people are happy, they provide great service to our clients, and as a result, Churchill thrives.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Employee Events

  • Daily Motivation Practices to Start Your Day
  • Monthly Leadership Trainings with Guest Speakers
  • Employee Events for Families, Holiday Celebrations, and Activities

Business Partner Networking

  • Lunch & Learn Events and Webinars
  • Realtor® Happy Hours
  • Ongoing Business Development Program for Industry Partners

Giving Back

  • Churchill Foundation
  • Employee Non-profit Donations
  • Local Volunteer Opportunities & Acts of Service

“ I have been in the mortgage and finance business for over 40 years, and have found that it is really a ‘people’ business where there needs to be a relationship of trust. That is what I enjoy most — caring for people. ”

Mike Hardwick, Founder

Mike Hardwick founded Churchill Mortgage Corporation in 1992 with the guiding principles of “People over Profits” and “Leaving People Better for the Encounter”. These core convictions have helped to build a successful team of over 800 employees, operating in 48 states.

Mike has been recognized as a top CEO, is a loving father and generous leader who is invested in the lives of his employees – so much he made Churchill the first private mortgage company to offer an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

You Become an Owner

Our ESOP was established by founder and president, Mike Hardwick, in 2013. It gives all current and future Churchill Mortgage employees 100% ownership of the company in the form of company stock.

It’s designed as a long-term benefit for employee owners (over the age of 21). Under the plan, all ESOP participants earn an annual allocation of parent company shares based on their relative percentage of total eligible compensation.

“Employees have a stronger incentive to work hard as well as take greater pride in their contributions to the company. In turn, families and individuals seeking loan products will reap the benefits,” explained Mike Hardwick.

The ESOP helps each employee understand how important it is to work together as a team and help our Home Loan Specialists maintain a strong pipeline, close deals fast, and build future business.

Churchill Mortgage is the first privately-owned mortgage company to offer an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Our Dedicated Operations Supports Sales

At Churchill, we understand that a fast and smooth closing process is our best marketing tool with both customers and business partners.

As part of a sales team, we know you need the confidence to go out into the marketplace with absolute confidence that your Operations team is focused on your success which helps everyone succeed!

Bottom line: We win business because we have an outstanding Operations team that’s focused on empowering our Home Loan Specialists with a consistently reliable closing experience for every single home loan.

What Our Employee's Say...

An environment that supports the development of referral partners relationships as well as the ability to create my own support team, is critical to my success. Not only has Jim and the corporate management team created that environment, but I truly believe that Churchill’s powerful sales support tools, teamwork oriented focus, and values/ethics based company culture are unparalleled in the mortgage industry.

Erik Spencer

The culture at Churchill Mortgage is second to none. Nowhere before have I been given the level of support I experience every day, while also being challenged to improve. This is why I have been at Churchill for over 10 years … and have no plans to leave.

Michael Ham

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